Sound for visual media

Graduation project from super talented students of The Animation Workshop. The sound design was made to add to the film’s mysterious atmosphere and blur the lines between the different timelines.

My role: Sound Design, Foley, Dialogue Edit, Mix

A school project I made featuring a new original score for the performance “NOWHERE”. The idea was to create awkward, clumsy music to connect a nostalgic and vulnerable quality to the images.

My role: Concept, Composition, Recording, Production

A short fiction/docu-film about a Kenyan orphan, re-enacted by him and his friends on location. The director requested minimalistic music based on samples of local instruments.

My role: Sound Design, Dialogue Mix, Music

An animated tribute to Alan Watts featuring a speech excerpt of his. The music/soundscape were requested to be calm, meditative and relate somehow to the strange oceanic setting and the idea of introspection.

My role: Music, Sound Design, Mix


My work with storytelling and narration

A podcast where host Ann-Sofie Packert interviews people about spiritual matters.

My role: Jingle production, Consulting on recording

A made up children’s story produced in a group of 4 students from Sonic College.

My role: Script, Narration, Sound Design, Concept

A podcast about the search for the identity of a local legend. In the style of investigative podcasting.

My role: Script, Interview, Narration, Sound Design

A podcast about transnational adoptions. Told through interviews with adoptees and parents.

My role: Script, Interview, Narration, Sound Design


My work with autonomous music

Single from my old solo project. Alternative pop from 2018.

My role: Songwriting, Production, Vocals, Video

Winner of ADE Demolition Contest 2019, co-written with ANNNA and released by her.

My role: Writing, Production

My duo project of lo-fi R’n’B. The EP released October 2019.

My role: Composition, Production, Mastering

Fake Movie Soundtracks

Experiments and one-day remixes