Sound for visual media

My role: Sound Design, Foley, Mix

100,000 Acres of Pine: Prize winner at WAFF (best horror) and Ekko Awards 2020 (best animation).

My role: Music, Sound Design, Mix

Home: Collaboration with animator Maha Shami. Featuring cozy sounds and music reflecting “away” and “home”.

My role: Music, Sound Design, Mix

Vinex: With animator Ylva Ernst. Minimal sound design to reflect the strange emptiness of the train station.


My work with storytelling and narration

My role: Script, Interview, Narration, Sound Design

A podcast about the search for the identity of a local legend. In the style of investigative podcasting.

My role: Music

The experimental storytelling podcast ‘Here Be Monsters’ recently commissioned some original music for their 8th season.

My role: Jingle, Consulting

A podcast where host Ann-Sofie Packert interviews people about spiritual matters. I produced the intro and outro music around her speak.


My work with autonomous music